How to submit my program video file ? What are the guidelines ?

How to submit the file ?

Please upload the edited final video file to your google drive or one drive and share the link to 

One file per program is expected.

File naming convention

Make sure to name the file in this format "ParticipantName-ProgramName-Category"

In case of multiple participants please use one participant name in the file name

Eg: or mp4

Supported File formats

Submit the file in .MOV or .MP4 formats

Video Quality

  1. When recording from smart phones please set the Video format to

1080p or 4K

  1. How to change format in iphone
  2.  When recording from SLR or other camera please set the video format to

4K or 1920x1080 at 29.97fps or 30 fps

 File Size

Please restrict the file size upto 1gb

 Video orientation - Please take the video with your camera in Horizontal orientation


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